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    高考英语满分作文:上网看法 Internet view

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    高考英语满分作文:上网看法 Internet view


    We should say that every coin has its two sides. So it is with surfing on line.


    Generally speaking, students will benefit a lot from Internet. People can get lots of useful information through the Internet quickly ,no matter it is national or throughout the world. We can also listen to the music and chat with the friends far away.The most important of all is that we can search many foreigners who speak English as their native languge, which can help us improve our Enlish rapidly.We can send Email to our good friends in a few seconds---with the internet your friend don't need to wait for so long time as receiving a letter as before.


    But it also can spread many side effects.for example ,there are some sexy news and pictures on web which will not do good to teenagers. And there are some games that can easily attract the students and even make you addict to the games so you can waste a lot of valuable time.


    On the whole it will give you both good and bad things, the thing matters much is how do you make use of it.


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